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Cut Loose!

Break out of your style rut! One of the easiest ways is with a new haircut. Still in love with your length? You can still keep it, but add some long layers for interest. Want to go short, but still a bit apprehensive? Start with one small change and follow it up in future appointments.



The Royal Treatment

Looking to pamper you hair! Try DESIGNLINE ENCHANTED SHIMMER STYLER. This formula uses crushed diamonds, rubies and black pearls to add a radiant shine, provides ultimate thermal protection and works as a finishing spray to condition and reconstruct your hair. It is a luxurious product that will leave your hair feeling ready to walk any red carpet event.


Curls Behaving Gladly

Curly girls, you’re in luck! Right now is the perfect time to make peace with your hair. The latest styles play up natural texture, so have your stylist show how you can wear your style either curly or straight. Either way, DESIGNLINE’s Ultimate Radiance, will keep your hair under control.



Rocking a shorter coif this season? Then giving your hair a textured style will add dimension, life and excitement to this hard to pull off style. Shorter hair for some is limiting as to what they can do with it on a daily basis. Add DESIGNLINE TEXTURE TOUSLE FLEXIBLE FINISHER to your hair to add shine and create a full body tousled look. Simply spray from 6-8 inches away from hair and scrunch or shape as desired. It’s the perfect quick and easy fix to styling a shorter do.



The Daily Style Grind

Is daily styling taking its toll on your hair and your patience? You are in luck! DESIGNLINE has an exciting product that can help reduce style headaches and time in between shampoos. REACTIVE SYLE REFRESHER is the perfect product for a woman on the go. Simply apply to dry hair in between shampoos to help reactivate what hair products are already in your hair. For curls spray and scrunch, for volume flip head over spray and either tousle or blow-dry. This fantastic formula helps reduce the number of days you have to apply thick, heavy products to your hair as it utilizes the products from the previous days wear. So don’t fret about rushing to get your hair washed and then reapplying all those heavy products in the morning, with a simple spritz onto dry unwashed hair, you can rejuvenate yesterday’s hairstyle.