Together, we're making a difference.

The First Choice Haircutters family cares for all our customers, local neighbourhoods, and communities. We’re honoured to share the message of #FirstChoiceCares, an exciting and important local community-based outreach initiative. We’ve travelled across the country to provide the simple act of free haircuts to those in need, witnessing over 750 absolutely inspiring transformations. It’s been a truly moving experience, and is proving just how far a little kindness can go. We’re just getting started, so keep an eye out for #FirstChoiceCares in your local community. 


#FirstChoiceCares is bringing joy to communities across the country. One haircut at a time.



Sometimes all it takes is a haircut to change someone's whole outlook, and that's something we are honoured to provide. Travelling across the country we've met beautiful, strong and resilient people and heard many powerful stories. It has been a privilege to provide free haircuts to these amazing individuals and watch their moods change into positive energy, big smiles and brighter personalities. Here are a few of the inspiring friends we've made along the road.

first choice cares

Andrew’s upbeat attitude is a miracle. Over the last few years he’s suffered; an injury that’s kept him from working, a string of losses, and a robbery that left him with nothing. In the face of all that he’s persevered, and moved forward with a positive outlook. It’s no surprise, then, that Andrew decided to go all in on his haircut. He embraced the opportunity, letting it all go without looking back.

first choice cares

Victoria is the definition of the term “firecracker”; she lit up the room the minute she stepped in. Originally from Nunavut, she came to Newfoundland for her family. She tells us the Gathering Place has been a godsend, and that she wouldn’t know what to do without it. Meeting her was an absolute delight, and we were so glad she loved her new look.

first choice cares

Meeting Deanna reminded us exactly why we started #FirstChoiceCares. Recently she suffered an accident that left her with severe burns on her scalp. Her recovery’s been incredible, just like her attitude. It was humbling and a little emotional for all of us when she saw her new look. "I hated looking in the mirror. And I don’t feel so bad now.”


#FirstChoiceCares would not be possible without the incredible work of our kind and talented stylists and the partnership of these wonderful organizations dedicated to providing resources and support to those in need. These local charities are changing lives and shaping communities for the better every day, and it's an honour to work together.